Definitions of Classes
This list is not comprehensive. If a change on your car is not listed, the classification crew will make a group decision at the show Saturday Morning. If you wish to change your classification, the classification crew will consider your request on Saturday morning before judging begins.
A. Daily Driver
B. Stock Notchback
C. Stock Fastback
D. Custom/Modified
E. Super Modified 4cyl/6cyl Notchback
F. Super Modfied 4cyl/6cyl Fastback
G. Super Modified 8cyl
H. Kit Car/Rebody
Stock: No more than three minor changes.
Custom/Modified: One or two major changes, or four or more minor changes.
Super Modified (4cyl/6cyl): Any non‐factory 4 cyl or 6 cyl engine swap (Ecotec, 3.4TDC, 3800, etc)
Super Modified (8+ cyl): Any V8 or larger engine swap (LSx, Northstar, 4.9L, etc)
Kit Car: Completely modified appearance including MERA or Zimmer Quicksilver.
Concours: Any stock Fiero with 2000 miles or less for each year of existance, any model.
Daily Driver: will exhibit the wear and tear associated with this type of vehicle. The vehicle mileage should be in the area of 10,000 miles per year of existence of the vehicle. In other words, a 1984 should have approximately 200,000 miles on it's odometer. The mileage is not the only governing criteria in the decision. Judges at the event may make special allowances for vehicles that are not deemed "Custom" in the general rules and regulations.
Minor changes include but are not limited to: After market stereo, glove box, map pockets, dashboard
appliques, cloth dash covers, cloth seat covers, non‐stock color door panels/upholstery, polished metal (stock
pieces only), wing extensions, non‐stock exhaust tips, aftermarket sunroof.
Major changes include: Non‐stock wheels, lowering, non‐stock scoops, louvered body panels, non‐stock paint
color, non‐factory style wing, major stereo system, chroming of factory or non‐factory pieces, stock engine
upgrades (4 to 6 cylinder) including aftermarket turbo/superchargers.
Super changes include: Engine modifications, turbos, V-8's, convertibles, and speedsters.
Miscellaneous Awards
Best Lighting: This award will be judged on Friday night and will be based on interior and/or exterior aftermarket lighting upgrades.
Hard Luck: Event of bad luck must occur on your journey to the event, or at the event. Will be awarded on a popular basis at awards banquet.
Club Participation: Derived solely from registration forms. Must be an established member of a club, based on individual club rules. Attendance will be verified by a club official.
There will be a 1st Place, trophy and 2nd Place and 3rd Place plaques awarded in each class, except when noted
1. All Fieros will be shown with the decks and lids open with at least one window down.
2. Fieros will be judged upon how your car is cleaned and presented for judging.
3. All cars that are daily drivers may either enter into a Daily Driver class or into your regular class. Daily
driver cars will have their mileage clearly shown on their window information card. If there is a tie
between two or more Fieros, the Fiero with the most miles wins!
4. A five minute warning will be given before judging starts.
5. All cleaning, polishing and detailing must stop when the judging begins.
6. Any participant detailing their car after judging has started may be disqualified.
7. Judges may speak with participants, spectators and other judges.
8. Judges may request that participants step away from their vehicle for judging.
9. No late entrants will be allowed after the 5 minute warning.
10. Floor mats and seat covers must be removed prior to judging.
1. Judging will be done by a team of 5 judges and one supervising judge.
2. Judges will be assigned one area of the car to judge and will judge only that area.
3. Areas to be judged include: exterior, front compartment, engine, trunk, interior, wheels & exhaust tips.
4. The team will judge all registered cars.

5. The five judges and supervisor will meet and discuss their assignments. They will practice by reviewing
and discussing the judging of several display only cars to gain continuity and experience.

Each judge will be responsible for:
1. Their assigned area on each car in the show.
2. Placing a point value for each valued item in their area.
The supervising judge will be responsible for:
1. Reviewing any large downgrades.
2. Signing off on each sheet for each car.
3. Tallying the total points.
4. Keeping the team moving rapidly and focused.
5. Regulating the direction of judging and breaks.
One judging sheet per car will be issued by the Supervising Judge. After each judge places their point
value on the sheet, they will hand that sheet to the Supervising Judge for initials. Any questions of
appearance of inconsistency should be dealt with at this time by the entire judging team.
After all cars have been judged and the sheets completed, the car with the highest total points will be
deemed "BEST OF SHOW."
The only voting entrants will do is for "PEOPLES CHOICE." Voting cards will be provided upon check-in
and completed votes shall be turned in at a designated location upon completion of judging.

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